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Unicorn Blue

Who else feels like winter has lasted an entire 7 years already? At this point in the season the kids have gotten one or two (good) days.. aka 45° weather and they are ITCHING for that late spring/summer weather. While we’re stuck spending most of our days inside finding new activities to keep the kids busy gets harder and harder.

Recently I have found a new augmented reality game; The Mysterious Disappearance of Unicorn Blue, that the kids are obsessed with playing! Not all screen time is bad, and one of my favorite features is that it inspires them to love STEM! Not only does this game get them outside and moving but it also teaches them problem solving and working together as a team. They’re playing without realizing they’re learning!

Easton is 6 and loves to be the leader, reading the map and finding the next place to go. Wrigley is 2 and gets to open the bags whenever they find a new one. It’s been so sweet watching them become excited to help each other out. At this point of our winter season our outdoor days are very hit or miss. If it falls where the kids want to play on a dreary day I will modify the game to fit indoors. Some of the bags require placing near water, trees, sand etc. For indoor, I will place them near a sink (for water), a window or indoor plant (for trees) and on our light colored floor or carpet (for sand). Switching it up for indoor keeps them guessing and helps them to become a little more creative.

If you’re like me, you know when your kids are on screen time it isn’t always benefiting them. Sure, it’s entertaining them but they aren’t using their brains. With Unicorn Blue, I feel confident knowing that they are going to walk away from this game with a little more life skills simply from playing!

Here you can purchase your own:  The Mysterious Disappearance of Unicorn Blue.